LightShield is an outstanding tool for Law Enforcement, SWAT, and other Security Forces. This high-performance CQB and riot control device offers NIJ Level IIIA/AK ballistic protection in a much smaller, more portable package than any other product currently available.LightShield utilizes both a Level IIIA rated Kevlar panel and a full-size Titanium steel plate to provide superior projectile protection. Both are wrapped Raine Black's proprietary VECTOR, ultra-light, laser cut material. LightShield is comfortable and easy to wear, attaching to a non-dominant arm using both tension straps and velcro, which allows the operator to be hands free. An simple trigger switch integrated into the handle allows the operator to activate the powerful LED. Further, an operator has the additional flexibility of wearing LightShield around the neck, utilizing our unique assembly. Additionally, Light Shield employs 32,000 lumens LED light to visually disrupt and disorient threats. At full power, Light Shield provides up to 30 minutes of continuous 32,000 lumens power.


Below is footage of  Light Shield testing as done by the Anderson Police Department SWAT team.



 32,000 lumens LED output
 Level IIIA ballistic protection
 Compact, light, and comfortable, yet burly enough for contact
 Easy to wear. Easier to operate
 Unique strap system allows both On-Arm or Around-the-Neck deployment
 Titanium Steel plate for additional protection
Light Shield dimentions are 12"x20" (30.48x50.8 cm) and it's weight is 12 lbs.
Armor Level rated at IIIA Kevlar Titanium
Lights are a 32,000 lumen Cree LED
Battery is 11.1 volt Lithium Polymer

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